Voice Over Internet Protocol(VoIP). Voice and Data convergence. The end of the world as we know it. Well yes and no. It’s really just the same thing Office Talk has done for the past 14 years…

Offer our clients a more cost effective way of making a call. In the old days we used premicells… you remember the days when 50% of all your calls came from Private Numbers, and you had all these Sim cards plugged into routers on your PABX, and your PABX Vendor had to programme that all Cellphone calls went over the routers and not on the Telkom lines, and to maximize savings he would block cellphone calls over Telkom lines, limiting your staffs efficiency at work. Remember month end, when you had to scour over the Premicell bill and Telkom bill to make sure you were load balancing correctly and all those other crazy things. Well things have become a whole lot simpler since then… (Did you know we do Cloud PBX and Office Automation as well?)

Nowadays, we order our own line at your premises (ADSL, LTE, Microwave, Diginet or Fibre) we plug in our gateway onto your existing PABX and we route the calls, ALL calls! Local, long distance, International, Mobile, everything!

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For the last 14 years, Officetalk has been providing the most affordable VoIP phones in South Africa. Our Gauteng client base has received our ongoing support as we have continued to make quality VoIP phone systems available to those customers who want to streamline their telecommunications process.

VoIP phones is a more cost effective way to make a call and it is a must for any business. If it is a monthly telephone bill that you want to reduce then consider installing a VoIP system. VoIP service providers are known for renting these systems on a contractual basis but this is where our company is different. And as a Proudly South Africa VoIP service provider, we don’t expect you to sign a contract and be obligated to pay unnecessary fees, but we always provide a great service at the best prices. This way you will be benefiting in ways that other companies are not.

But what are VoIP phones?

VoIP stands for Voice over IP or Voice over Internet Protocol and it is a method by which phone calls can be made over the internet rather than by using the conventional way. Not only can general phone calls be made but depending on the system you choose to install, you could also share multimedia messages.

What is great about such systems is that they come in a variety of models which means that you can choose the system that best suits your needs rather than have to go with the one size fits all model.

Remember month end, when you had to scour over the Premicell bill and Telkom bill to make sure you were load balancing correctly?

In the old days we used Premicells. 50% of all your calls came from Private Numbers. You had numerous Sim cards plugged into routers on you PABX, and your PABX Vendor had to programme which was designed to allow all cellphone calls to go over the routers instead of on the Telkom lines. And to maximize savings, your vendor would block cellphone calls over Telkom lines, limiting your staff’s efficiency at work. Well things have become a whole lot simpler since then…

Nowadays, we order a line to be installed at your premises (the lines include ADSL, LTE, Microwave, Diginet or Fibre). We then plug in our gateway onto your existing PABX and we route the calls; ALL calls!

VoIP phones are the ideal phones for any business

When in business, you want to be versatile. Being able to adapt to the needs of your customer’s means that you are giving yourself an edge over your competition. VoIP phones have the ability to improve your productivity and change the way you do business.

The benefits of having a VoIP system

Regardless of where you are operating your business, when you have a VoIP system installed by a Pretoria or Johannesburg based VoIP service provider, you can enjoy these benefits.


You will be saving money

A reduction in fees is the first benefit that you will get to enjoy. All of the calls that you make are going to cost you far less than your current conventional phones and this includes your long distance calls. With this system you will be saving your money!


You will enjoy more flexibility

A VoIP system is more than just a phone. With VoIP phones you can receive your own number and you can use this number regardless of where you are in the world. VoIP systems can also be used to transmit data alongside making phone calls.


Your system is multifunctional

Looking for a phone system that can also accommodate your video conferencing needs? That is exactly what you will get with a VoIP phone. This means that you can conduct those all-important meetings with clients who are not in the same town, or country, as you. You no longer have to be concerned about being physically present in Johannesburg or Pretoria when you have a VoIP phone.

Why should we be your VoIP providers in Johannesburg or Pretoria?

Our network is entirely Cisco based. Costs a pretty penny, but it works like a dream. Trying to save costs on cheaper network equipment isn’t our scene, spend the big bucks, get a network that kicks ass, and let’s get some happy customers on board.

Check out our rates below and let us tell you how a VoIP system will benefit your company!

Connectivity Options

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We’ll plug into that copper line no problem, but we have 3 requirements. It must be a 4mb DSL, no more than 16 simultaneous calls and no other services are going to run through that DSL. So it needs to be a dedicated DSL for Voice, then we can work our magic on the backend…

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How big is your pipe? As long as you have a smart or managed LAN switch, and we can prioritise voice, then we’re sorted. If you don’t have fibre already installed, but you saw some guy digging trenches close by. Don’t stress, it’s not an army invading from the North and setting up bunkers, it’s the guys laying fibre for you, so we’ll provide fibre then…

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The last time your saw a trench being dug near your office was the last world war? Ok, so Fibre and ADSL are not options, so we’ll give you Microwave. Sorry I mean licensed spectrum Microwave, not that free for all to use test frequency rubbish that makes microwave ridiculously unstable. Nope, we use carrier grade licensed spectrum kit. In other word, install it once and never look back again.

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Ok if you have a spare one laying around in your server room, we’ll use it. If you don’t have a spare one, we don’t really want to order you a new one, as Telkom is discontinuing Diginet soon, and the price of fibre and Microwave is coming down so fast, it makes sense to use those technologies instead. But Diginet is nice and stable, like an old Porsche, still going strong…

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LTE/4G/Long Term Evolution

The new kid on the block, and quite frankly, in months to come, will prove to be the game changer. If you have coverage, use it. Cheaper than DSL, faster than a speeding bullet, and with our fibre APN backend… secure as Fort Knox!!!